10 January 2014

so far, in 2014

we have...

gone on a double date with bentley & caroline

babysat jed. this is how they kept warm on a cold day!

had one more night with the christmas tree

had a "midnight snack" of hot cocoa. ALL day he had been asking for some. in a mug. (it was also his idea to have the bib on to keep his shirt clean)

went back to puggles. caroline snapped this picture of the first picnic inside bentley has every had! (take note of the shorts. their classroom gets pretty warm & he never forgets that. so we layer every week!)

picked up an iced coffee (hello christmas gift card!) after puggles & put it in the back of the fridge till morning. 

 ...and we had brussel sprouts with dinner.

happy friday! shawn is traveling with the team this weekend so we are going to hang out with some friends, spend the night with my sisters, fingers crossed grandpa tim gets us donuts & coffee saturday morning, go to joes basketball game, & if we are feeling overly ambitious, make some christmas returns/exchanges.

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