08 January 2014

26 weeks.

every day, when i look down at my very giant belly, i can't believe there is a baby in there!
our baby!
the little sibling.
our second born child.
who will this baby be?
since we don't find out the sex,
the anticipation for the big day has so many facets to it.

it has taken me to my last week of my second trimester to document about this baby.
sorry, baby!
you still feel like a dream.
(except that you bounce around ALL the time. that helps me remember that you are a 2 lb little person!)

the plan for this baby is to be delivered at a birth center (that wasn't open when B was born).
we are so excited about this!
the midwives are so kind & caring.
there is an option for a water birth & you get to go home 4-8 hours after delivery!

we are also under the care of a new chiropractor.
so we have been really working on getting healthy!
it is defiantly overwhelming, but will be beneficial in the long run.

april still seems very far away,
but judging by how quickly we have gotten to this point,
it will be here in a blink!


summer said...

You are so beautiful, Anna! I cannot WAIT to hear more about this baby. Isn't it weird how you can almost be MORE excited for someone else's baby to arrive? It's like you can appreciate the hugeness of it a little more from the outside looking in. :)
(Not that I'm not feverishly excited about my own little one!)

Anonymous said...

You do look so beautiful!!! Can't wait!!!!!! Love auntanneneemann

Mar Mar said...

OH my. You have the perfect baby girl belly!!

Ok, I can't believe baby is already 2 pound! I keep meaning to ask about him/her moving!

I love your shirt.

April is soooo soon!

When your contractions REALLY hurt is when you will want to have medicine - and that, my dear sister, is when you get into some nice hot water!!! Ahhh I am so excited for you! Make sure you have cold drinks available if you want them! Funny how unique each birth is! I am so excited!!