02 February 2016

Henley Mark-- his birth story.

Saturday, August 1, 2015. 

I am 41 weeks 6 days ( which later, when meeting with our midwife she said our dates were probably miscalculated at our first appointment. but oh well). I had not gone into labor on my own despite trying EVERYthing, including acupuncture. We had previously met with our midwife & decide we wanted to induce with her at the hospital if labor didn't start before then. I spent the morning cleaning & folding laundry & crying & praying. I was so scared to be induced. It was so not my style. That afternoon we walked around the fairgrounds for our last look at the county fair. Bentley got a painted on feather tattoo & we had a snow cone. I held Charley, sitting on my belly, the whole time. I was sad to leave him overnight. He had spent the previous 15 months sleeping next to me, being my baby. We came home & showered. Got ready to check into the hospital at 7 pm. The whole time I was thinking labor COULD just start & we wouldn't have to do this. Shawns parents were at our house with their camper & Elsie & Joe were coming to stay the night with the boys. I kept giving Elsie last minute instructions--if they can't sleep just watch tv! drive around! sleep on the couch! She said leave! we will totally be fine. As we drove to the hospital it felt surreal that it was all happening. Shawn was excited to get things going. My fear had been replaced with peace & excitement. 

We got paperwork done & checked into the big corner room at the hospital. I had been looking forward to birthing at the birth center, like I did with Charley, but I was happy to get a hospital water cup. and have everything set up in our room--soft blanket, oils, vitamins, snacks. My mom was at a wedding, but was coming up to the hospital when she was done because we weren't sure of how everything would go. Heather, the midwife came up once we were all settled--she said "you look nervous, I know this isn't what you wanted, but I want you to be at peace with your decision" I said I am!! I was excited. Our nurses were super nice & got me all hooked up to check the baby. We talked through our options & decided to take half a dose of a cervix softener & see how I would react. Mom got to the hospital & Shawn went to get us chick-fil-a salads & cookies (ok the cookies were for me). We hadn't know what everything would look like, but once we were settled. umm hello! starving! Mom told us about the wedding, we had HGTV on & I dozed a little bit. The meds had got me to contract regularly right away, but they weren't uncomfortable at all. They began at about 7 minutes apart. Through the night I got another half dose of the medicine & everyone else on the floor was having their babies. I was contracting but no pain & I slept off & on the whole night. Shawn camped out on the couch bed & mom was curled upon the chair. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

About 7 am I was due for another dose. We chose to go ahead & do a full dose & about 2 hours later they unhooked me from the monitors so I could walk around. I ordered breakfast & mom & I got coffee from the kitchen. I bounced on the exercise ball. Shawn was sleeping. About 9:30 the midwife came in. We talked about some more options & decided I wanted to walk around for a while. She was doubtful that this would make a difference, but we wanted to try. Mom & Shawn decided they needed coffee & smoothies. I told Shawn to go run those errands cause surely that would lead to a classic story of him missing the birth cause the baby just came, but I was willing to risk it. It was a gorgeous late summer day. I had shorts & flip flops & a tank top on. Mom & I came up with a route--out the front doors of the hospital, down the long sidewalk, down 2 flights of stairs into the garden/green space, back inside & up the stairs. and repeat! We ventured out into the far parking lots a few times. By now, contractions were about 2 minutes apart but I could walk & talk through them. It was about 10:30 am when our nurse found us mid loop. She was wondering if we had thought about our next step--more meds? break my water? We said give us 30 more minutes. By this time Shawn was back & having his coffee up in the lobby where we would pass. Mom said ok let's do 5 more loops, bottom of the stairs on our second time around, I heard a pop & my water broke! We were going to do one more loop outside but as we went up the stairs more & more liquid was coming out so we headed back up to our room. (this was about 11:15 am) Passing the midwife at the nurses station we said my water broke! yay! By the time we got to the room I decided to put a gown on since my clothes were all wet. Coming out of the bathroom I had a strong contraction & I bent over & put my hands on my knees, Shawn said having another one? I glared & sarcastically said no. It was at that point where we transitioned from trying for contractions, to working through them. The next contraction came strong & I pointed to my jaw. Shawn knew that was his cue to slather some Valor ( my favorite essential oil blend) on my jawline & forehead. Everyone thought that was pretty funny. We walked in the hall for a few minutes & I would squat during the contraction. This was the no walking/ no talking type of contraction. After a few of these I felt the need to mix it up. Mom suggested a hot shower & the midwife suggested the tub. I was hesitant to get in the tub--I had really loved it during Charley's labor & birth so I was scared I'd get comfortable & not want to get back out. The hospital doesn't "allow" a water birth but she said don't worry about that, if you don't want to get out we will pull the plug as you have the baby & it "won't" be a water birth. I felt good about that so I got in. The jets were incredibly powerful & I felt like I was bubbling away in a witches caldron. A few contractions & I wanted them turned off. too loud. too much splashing on my face. A few more contractions & I was feeling like we weren't getting anywhere, I wasn't comfortable. My mom suggested standing & squatting. So I had 3 or 4 more contractions standing in the tub, squatting through them. That's where you think ok Lord, I can't do this. I'm tired. I'm weak. Please help me. I wanted to get out of the tub. I didn't know where I wanted to go, but I needed another change. My midwife said lets sit for a minute on the toilet. I did, cause she thought it would be a good idea, but I didn't think I would be comfortable or able to rest. But I sat & closed my eyes & laid my head on my hand on the rail. I felt comfortable & relaxed. The lights were off but the light coming in from the big windows in our room gave it a nice soft light. The next contraction was STRONG pushing! No one could believe it. One more long & strong contraction. I was holding the railing on one side & holding Shawns had pushing down on my right side (later he said "I had to resist you so much. you almost knocked me over. I couldn't believe how much force you had in you" thank you Shawn, thank you.) The midwife checked during that second contraction & saw nothing. I was feeling really great at this point. Then another strong one came on & she said "ok there is the head!" Everyone got so excited! I was just going with my body & pushing! She said "slow down" I mentally tried to slow down but really my body was totally taken over with them. Heather said "ok ok stand up a little" & WOOSH out came the baby! (and yes, my midwife is amazing because she was in fact, kneeling on the bathroom floor) She twirled the baby around as it came out, as the cord was wrapped around his neck, & handed him right up to me. I cradled him, smiling & saying "my baby" over & over. Shawn knows by now that I like to just take a minute & hold the baby before we see who it is. After a few minutes we were ready---and you know the rest of the story! Henley Mark Kliewer was born at 12:42 pm. 9 lbs 1 oz & 32 inches long. 

23 July 2014


this is a post to say...I will post more soon! summer is flying by & we had a little hitch by my phone falling in the cooler while leaving the beach. and with it went my harvest pictures, Bentley's 4th birthday pictures, Charley's 2 month pictures, & the pictures I had taken of our first visit to the beach. but the show must go on & I have collected pictures from my sisters from our trip to South Carolina & I will pull some from Instagram to document all of our 2014 summer properly. we are in Atkinson right now while Shawn does basketball camp at Camp Witness. so while the boys are asleep & I have my coffee. a sorting through pictures I go! 

10 June 2014

the start of summer.

before things get totally crazy around here (as if they aren't! actually, they aren't to crazy, just not many free moments), i wanted to post about carolines graduation// memorial day// & the start of our summer time days.

carolines high school graduation. 
congrats! she made it. and had a really lovely party with desserts & coffee. and a TON of people. it was a super busy weekend that kicked off with kami's friend from childhood getting married so kami was back from south carolina for that (and we attended that wedding. weddings are so cute these days!). so by monday i had mastitis. word to the wise--drink your water, don't only eat desserts, nurse frequently, & don't get to busy with a newborn. it does not end well. but thankfully, by overdosing on vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, & garlic, chased by gallons of water, the infection itself was cleared up in 12 hours. but it was a rough one! so thankful i could lay on my moms couch while everyone took care of my children.

memorial day camping.
before charley was born, this event seemed a little overwhelming. but him being exactly one month old & such a laid back baby, we went ahead & joined our family & friends for the annual trip. we went saturday morning (instead of friday night) & had a great time! bentley got to tube & fish like he had been looking forward to & had a blast with all the kids there! charley got passed around & i think slept the entire day on saturday, thus explaining him being WIDE awake from 3-5 am on sunday. luckily when he woke back up at 9 or so, i handed him off to grandma & got to crawl back in bed for a few hours.

(on the way home from camping. slept through dinner!)

summer days. 

ok! that catches us up to speed in an entirely way to brief post. but next on the docket is our trip to kansas for harvest (there isn't much to harvest due to drought, but still a great excuse to get the boys on the farm, drink some sweet tea, & hang out!). when we get back--bentleys birthday & our trip to south carolina for kamis wedding will take us all the way up to the 4th of july! i'm feeling dizzy just typing that. but i want to take it one day at a time, ENJOYING each one for what it is, whether that is a day spent in the car, a vacation day, or a day back home doing laundry.  

24 May 2014

charley {one month}.

here we are, back to the blue chair pictures (doesn't it seem like we were just doing them with Bentley?)!

one month old, Charley. 
so so sweet you are, little boy! I keep waiting for you to realize you are out of the womb & not happy about it like babies often do. But so far, you like it here with us! So much so, you smile! We bounce & you nurse (and yay we made it through mastitis), & we change your diapers (which you hate). and then I hold you while you sleep & stare at my answered prayer. Another chance at being a mom to a newborn. 

one month has gone so quickly! yet we have enjoyed a lot of full days as well. 

23 May 2014

2 week photos (2 weeks late).

andrea came over to take a few photos of charley when he was two weeks old.
they turned out so great i had to share.
thanks again, andrea! (aren't i lucky to have such talented relatives?!)

Charley D 
{2 weeks old}