13 June 2013

trip to south carolina // baby mollyanne is here!

we are back!
it has been a few days & we are slowly getting back into the swing of things & driving 1,100 miles through the night (twice) is all just a hazy dream.

my niece, mollyanne katheryne was born 5.29.13 // 8 lbs // 21 inches 
we left saturday (june 2) & arrived sunday afternoon.
those last 40 miles were the hardest because of the torrential downpour.
i was in a i-only-got-2 hours-of-sleep fog when we arrived.
the rest of the week was spent mostly around mary & darrins house.
helping mary with the baby,
playing with the kids,
watching it rain,
laying out,
making dinner,
running to target,
going for starbucks,
taking naps.

normal, every day stuff.
which is my favorite.

elsie, joe, & my mom did make it out one day to explore greenville.
and on saturday darrin, kami, elsie, joe, mom, bentley & addy had a fun day canoeing at a state park about an hour away.

all loaded up!

waiting to hit 1,000 (which of course doesn't happen-back to 0)
getting to see a newborn makes it all worth it. welcome to the world, molly!

i don't even have to tel you how much he loves her.

these two were trying to fake sleeping so they could stay in marys bed

addy would come in very early to see if bubba was awake yet...
joe is such a great uncle!

she was listening to bentley & addy talk to her

we came to see the baby...ok ok, and maybe to catch some rays too
impromptu swimming time

so much rain in south carolina! it was really cool!

baby's first bath

the FIRST time he has ever napped with someone else. thank you, elsie!
1 week + 1 day

he LOVED marys vacuum. i might have to get one just so i can help with chores!
grandma snuggling with the little girls
addy was a flower girl in a wedding. on the way to drop her off she said "i am matchers with cinderelly! yay!"
all ready for the rehearsal.
more rain! but it was still warm out!
documentation of the first diaper elsie has EVER changed.

i've noticed in a lot of pictures of these two, he is smiling at her.
just a little shopping

the canoe trip!

last supper together. the kids were under the table while we ate. having dessert early.

always awesome to visit newspring church!

out to brunch after church.


Anonymous said...

This blog was my favorite.
I can just feel the love and happieness just by the pictures! :)
I love that Bentley is exteremly BOY and Addy is exteremly GIRL!! So great.
Your a great photographer/moment catcher.


Beth said...

Love ALL the pictures. I could look at 100 more! Glad you guys had such a good time.