30 May 2013

memorial day camping.

we had another successful memorial day camping trip!
we had sun, rain, & everything in between.
bentley loved playing with all the other kids,
learning to fish, & tubing with dad.
we all enjoyed s'mores around the campfire, lots of good food,
& time to just relax with no schedule!

bentley story of the trip:
(back story: last year all the kids thought it was so funny to hear bentley say his name "bentley bon kleeber!") so this year they kept asking. and him, being the mature almost three year old that he is, came up with a different answer.
B: mom, the kids keep asking me my name, do you know what i say?
me: what do you say?
B: poopy. i just tell them my name is poopy.

oh my. 


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find out what his name is next year!!! Oh Bentley you are so cute!

Kathy said...

Yes, we did experience everything - but everyone is so willing to go with the flow, making the best of the worst situation so we have a good story to remember next year. Your pictures are so good with Shawn & B together - frame worthy.

jason said...

ahhh, memorial day! God Bless America! (shawn will understand) thx for the pics--can't believe how big bentley is!! he and his california cousins need to hang out soon.