21 June 2013

happy first day of summer!

what summery type things have you all been up to?
everything revolves around party prep for the big third birthday that is quickly approaching.
not so much actually party prep, but more things around the house that have been put off, but now its crunch time!
we have also made time for coffee, the pool, & walks.
we joined andreas neighborhood pool!

screams of delight!

pit stop on our walk

from mary (to cute not to share) Addy: mom, my babies were tired so they are napping. Mary: where? did you put them in the swing with Molly? Addy: maybe....

fun night with my sisters!

happy fathers day to my dad!

happy fathers day to bentleys dad!

we need to go get milk from the farm, so we went a little further & visited aunt anne!

happy birthday to kami!

picked this up! ill keep you posted on what we do with it.

zoo trip with our friends Sarah & Will

i love how Will is signing "more"
happy weekend, everyone!
we have a wedding this weekend & on monday...it's the big day! third birthday!
i'll check back in to show three year old pics & details from the party.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

the first picture is back when jed used to have long hair. ha!
i like the sisters pic a lot.
i've never realized how much you and tim look alike!
is the dresser making an appearance at the party? will it be finished?
guys, the gorilla is too close.
what did baby Will want more of? the gorilla? if so, that's hilarious.