15 April 2013

over the weekend.

birthday toms arrived!
grandma & grandpa also arrived from atkinson to celebrate cousin Jedidiah's first birthday!

chick-fil-a for lunch!
stopped by walgreens for requested pez candy.
kathy had text earlier in the week, "does bentley need grandma to bring him anything?" (probably assuming he'd ask to borrow some toys, puzzles, etc..." umm, i want some open close things (that is code for pez dispenser), tic tacs, & pez candy."
so that is what he got.
we also picked up a bubble gun while we were there.
you know, the necessities. 
out to ashland to see caroline off to her junior prom.
10 years ago i was going to MY junior prom.
back home to hang out & eat chinese food. and give the kids a bath. and it all happened at the same time. 

pirate party day!
grandma kathy brought bentley a pirate costume for him to wear to the party.
he felt so special!
all the details of the party were so fun to see, stuff the kids don't notice, but the moms do.
B got to be a "helper" to Jed, blowing out candles, opening presents, trying out toys.
thanks for letting us celebrate with you, Jed!
it was a fun day for everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love your bday Toms! Bentley is a great pirate!

Kathy said...

Thanks for letting us stay with you. It's always fun. Was waiting for your write-up of the weekend to find out what we did. Ha.