08 April 2013

birthday weekend.

friday. started off our weekend by going to the opening night of Cinderella the musical, put on by aghs. caroline was a stepsister & did fabulously. 

sent our big boy over to DJ & Andreas.

saturday. andrea & i went to a free workout class at her neighborhood community center. it was so fun & it felt like we were 23 again (we used to do a ton of workout classes together, pre kids). brought home doughnuts to my sleeping in boys & had flowers delivered from my sweet cousin in chicago! attended the second performance of Cinderella WITH Bentley. he absolutely loved it! i was pleasantly surprised that we got to enjoy the show together! Ended the day at Jayz cafe with birthday cake & friends. we were huddled in a both for over an hour. i can't even remember what we all talked about, but it was really relaxing & fun. (someone should have kept a closer eye on B, he pulled up a chair & was eating the frosting off the birthday cake.)

i thought it was funny how similar these cards were!

birthday present sent all the way from arizona!

he was so excited to finally hug her! at one point he whispered "i just want to go up there!" {on stage}

isn't it always fun to see your birth date?
sunday. church, brunch at Wheatfields, pedicure with caroline, sunday nap, & then to Grace for open gym with new basketball recruits. picked up la casa pizza to go, & stopped at DJ & Andreas to hang out for a little bit.

monday/today. library time, played outside, kinda sad my birthday is over, got my free birthday drink from starbucks, excited to watch the national championship game.
"here is a heart rock, mama. cause it's an i love you kind of day"

"mom what's on the door?" i think a little bird poop. "no, it's snake poop. i'll clean it for you"

venti caramel macchiato.

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Anonymous said...

Bentley you are so brave to clean off snake poopsters!!!!!!!love aunt anne