19 April 2013

our week...

the sun is shining this morning!
we are watching Lady & the Tramp.
B is actually sitting on my lap as I type.

fun things from this week.
  • i made dinner once.
  • we ate homemade ravioli at meemas!
  • we went on a date!
  • B has started playing toys by himself.
  • he took a 40 minute bubble bath. only calling me in for more bubbles & hot water. 
  • not making dinner = all other chores getting done easily.
  • we played memory
  • we have also been working on opposites.
  • listening to our Wee Sing Bible Songs
  • got milk from the farm
  • we got yummy new chewable vitamins!
  • B has been twirling my hair between his fingers more than ever
  • iced coffee is what i have been drinking, even though it hasn't been very warm outside 
  • (in case you are calculating, our other dinner was at church. wednesday before awana they serve a meal!)

have a nice weekend! i am looking forward to a dinner with our basketball girls, a workout class with andrea, a lunch date with a friend, & a family lunch after church on sunday!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

nice sweater! good job, dj! is that swirly mirror at the cheesecake factory? was it one million degrees in there?