10 October 2012


time is such a weird concept, isn't it?
let's not think about it to hard, we don't want to get dizzy.
but it is crazy how slow it can go, but ultimately speed right past.
a quote was said "the days are long, but the years are short" (in reference to mothering) but i feel like it applies to life in general.

the last weekend in september brought my sister, brother-in-law, & baby niece (ok, 1 1/2 isn't really a baby, but that is how i think of her) to us here in nebraska! it always seems like a total whirlwind of activity.  their specific reason for coming back was my dads wedding. so that took up time + getting to visit with other family members who also came in for the occasion. shawn & darrin also got to go to the husker game on saturday night. an awesome experience for them!

some other notes from the trip:
-dads wedding went well. we stood up with him, caroline sang, elsie read a verse. no one fainted.
-B & A went from holding hands & her constantly wanting to sit on his "wap" {lap} to them screaming "MINES" (bentley is guilty for teaching that) & "SHARE" when they wanted what their cousin had. and "NO". we are learning that the "terrible 2's" aren't a myth. they are something real. and scary.
-had a great trip south to aunt anne's. aunt beth was also there. it was a great play day for the kids + good coffee & lunch for the moms.
-we defiantly cashed in on the fact that my mom now owns a cafe. breakfast! lunch! coffee!
-the lord did an amazing miracle- mary left her wallet on the airplane.  the next person who sat in her seat MAILED it to her! wow! so cool.

and then the 8th of october came. and it was time for them to go back to south carolina. AND, this time they took someone with them. kami moved down to SC. she needed a change of pace.  new job, new school, new church. it's sad to have one sister live far away, but now two?! tears. but, my house/laundry pile is still in recovery from the neglect it received while i participated in vacation. so by the time i have things sorted out, it will almost be christmas time, & then they will be back! hopefully it will be just long enough for our toddlers to learn how to properly share.
on our way to the airport!

our first stop, jayz cafe! bentley showed addy the way.

they had been up since 5 am. it was now noon. darrin was in heaven. (yes, those are biscuits & gravy)

loved wearing matching hats with uncle darrin.

6 months apart.

playing with uncle joe's legos (i'm not sure if they were supposed to...)

crashed. notice:addy's ponytail almost falling out.

at darrins parents for a going away party for his sister

holding baby will!

a special treat for our visitors!

hanging out with aunt kami!

& aunt elsie!

sisters watching the football game. aka, pigs in a blanket & veggy tray time.

and this is what the guys were doing!

wedding day!

we have gotten some serious miles out of this suit. i think this was his 5th wear. (and he is always so proud)

he loves his dress shoes, but mine are even better!

our cute dates

he has got some serious skills in heels.

this is actually from the rehearsal, sweet sleepy girl

driving down to cook, ne to visit aunt anne!

dessert at the cafe

mini m&m's. they know grandma always has a chocolate stash.

terrible twos.

maybe a nap would help?

sweet adelynne joy!

servant heart. loves to give a foot rub!

disk golf mini date!

at meemas, night before the trip was over

fall decor?



love these sweet feet.

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Anonymous said...

LOTS of good pictures in this post! :) I laughed at the "terrible twos" picture. AND the picture of elsie pulling the kids in the wagon is PRECIOUS. <3caroline