17 October 2012

mid-week/mid-october catch up.

there are a few events/photos that have happened in october that haven't had their moment in the limelight.
i though i would post a quick catch up so that the slate is clean for a Ponca report next week! we leave tomorrow, to make a long weekend of it.
so today i am making these cookies and a batch of this dip for late night snacking. (don't worry, i also bought a few giant honey crisp apples to go along with the dip!)
excited to celebrate the big three-oh with uncle dj

meeting our new neighbor-baby grant! (seth & britneys new son)

early morning feeding with cousin jed

playtime at our house! my aunt watched me once a week when i was a baby-& i always felt so special hearing those stories. i hope jed feels spoiled & special someday knowing he came to our house to be babysat!

last 8th grade volleyball game--kelsey, elsie, & maddie!

midnight madness-event to kick off the basketball season at Grace. B thought he should be in the dunk contest.

he was quiet in his room--and came out ready to play!

friends beau & sam also came over for the day! 2 year olds in their caps. to cute!

pizza night at the hornaceks--club, meat lovers, hamburger & onion.

grandma & grandpa were here for the weekend--watching elmo with grandpa

cleaning out the Reileys house--found this soap. notice the date it was bought!

mary brought these jammies for bentley--only problem, he doesn't want to take them off!

sweet napping boy

he has been wanting crocks for as long as i can remember! we found these at a second hand store- $3.50. thank you, lord!

picked up these new pj's too!

he ran over to me & proudly announced "mom I did it!"


Andrea said...

I can't believe that it took me until late in the evening to realize that you blogged! Jed will for sure have fond memories of hanging out at your house. It's kind of hard for me to grasp that Bentley is his "vanceandryan." (yes, one word) I love cousins! I love the waistband on b's pj's. It threw me off when you called it "pizza night at the hornaceks." Do you call us that? If not, will you when our family gets bigger?

Anneliese said...

I agree- it is too hard for me to grasp that Jed is a cousin. cause they are so special! and no, sorry, we never call you guys that. it was all for show. (we call you Dj's)

beth said...

Jed looks like a pumpkin patch baby dolly in that pic! Adorable!