20 August 2012

summer days (at home).

we have been gone so often this summer, that i feel the need to only blog twice a month & have it be a giant catch up of what we have been doing.
but now we are home.
so there are just pictures of everyday life.
not a giant catch up.
i'm slowly getting into the swing of things, just at home.
i'm more of a homebody than not, so it has been enjoyable to feel "caught up" & not rushed.
we even have time to go on walks to the park.
or bake cookies.

speaking of...
yesterday, we needed cookies.
we always need cookies.
so i whipped up a batch.
i remember looking at the clock & the timer
a one minute difference on when we needed to leave the house (high school missions trip report at church) & when the last batch of cookies would be done.
that's the last time i thought of those cookies.
UNTIL, we were a mile down the road.
ummm, shawn....i'm pretty sure i just left the cookies in the oven.
turn around.

(this is a story my mother would tell & i would think how? how could you forget something like that? well i know now. i don't know.)
going into trader joes. had to have goggles cause it was sunny.

rain! it was the first rain storm we have gotten to watch all summer.

sporting a new hair cut. by mom!

sweet caroline hanging out with us on a saturday night

he thinks a good snack is marshmallow on a stick.

kona grill for andreas birthday!

sushi for us

little burger & fries for this guy

her first 29th birthday. this is where birthdays end, right? :)

documenting that i have done a french manicure at least 3 times this month.

i get weak in the knees watching him climb so high

he prefers some of the old fashioned park toys

MOM WATCH! he made SURE i was watching a barney video with him

saturday morning breakfast!

half way to the gym i notice we are wearing the same tshirt!

just woke up from a nap. so cozy. pretending he sucks his thumb (he doesn't)

B is always thrilled to have his aunts over!

home from church. break out the popsicles!


Kathy said...

You had a lot of fun things going on even if you were staying home. The picture with the marshmallow snack was a litle hard to figure out. 2 hands a leg? Until I got to the breakfast one which was 3 in 1.Went back and figured it out. ha. The picture of the popsicles did not look like a 2 yr old, more like 5,with his hand in his pocket etc. Sure enjoyed seeing your daily life.

Auntie Elsie said...

your nails look sooooooo good! as well as the little buns in the backround ;)

Andrea said...

I agree with mom...b looks like he's 5.

My favorite line, "I know now. I don't know."

I meant to comment on your nails the other night. I thought they were fake they looked so good.

I think baby Jed is rubbing off on Bentley with the thumb sucking.

He prefers the old-fashioned toys...you don't say! Do you know how many things you and Shawn accumulated from grandpa and grandma's garage? One million. He is your son.

vcr said...

so many things made me smile...
googles at trader joes, only logical!
great job on the hair cut.
you & your sisters are all gorgeous!!
marshmallow on a stick, great idea.
i liked the "watch tv mom" my boys do the same thing.
so cute after church, so grown up!!