24 August 2012

2 years + 2 months.

26 months.
(just last night i was talking to a mom & we were joking about how long you can go calculating your child's age by months. if it was up to me, at least until they are 4. each year offers such a wide range of development! I'm one to want to know specifics.)

bentley von,

i have to record all of your antics somewhere.
i'm sure i will leave some out, but i will try my best to remember. someday we will love to laugh & remember your two year old self.
you have begun to ask "why". i thought you were to young for this question! but there is no one to tell you, so you continue to ask "why" about everything. and then some.
you work in the word "actually" as much as possible. 
your phrases, your aunt andrea just commented the other day & said "he could just say 'there'" but instead...you usually say "way ober dare". i think its for dramatic effect.
you love the cool side of the pillow, asking me to "flip it" often before falling asleep.
speaking of falling asleep, we still do what we always have-lay & talk & sing & pray (and repeat) until you finally doze off. i do the same thing for you at nap time, & have often wished you would just lay by yourself. but just yesterday, as your little arms were wrapped around my neck & you were singing "jesus loves me, jesus loves mom, jesus loves dad" i knew that it was a moment that i would have missed out on if i hadn't taken that time to cuddle with you until you were asleep.
your favorite songs right now are this is the day, do you know the muffin man, jesus loves me (complete with hand actions/sign language) & blue, blue blue (a made up song of whatever colors he thinks of. sometimes sang to the tune of this is the day, but not always.)
you love to dance. especially the hotdog dance on micky mouse.
and the "ooh baby, baby" song (by usher) is also a favorite.
you are preparing to start Puggles, the AWANA program for 2 year olds.
Dad is kind of sad because it feels like an early send off to kindergarten (once a week, for an hour & a half) but somehow we will manage.
i am hoping you love it.
i think you will.
you are so friendly to other kids & babies, kind of shy to adults you are meeting for the first time.
but i have learned a new trick!
preping you.
before we went to a work event with dad, we talked about all the people you were going to see & how they would all know you, they were nice, & would want to say hi.
and you loved it & did great saying hi & giving high fives.
you even looked up at me & smiled, "people nice!"
you are addicted to popsicles.
i make them with apple juice.
you are finally liking to drink milk in a cup or bottle.
but milk from the farm.
you love going to pick it up (real or pretend, you drive there often in your cozy coup too.)
you eat best with your dad.
you are still nursing, but maybe only 2-3 times a day.
you are fully potty trained! you might not care, but we will be showing these stats to your wife someday, she will be impressed. 
you do a great job going potty, & it only took you a few weeks to fully catch on.
you kind of did it yourself via the positive peer pressure i was telling you. you would ask "lane gage go potty?" yep. so then off you would go!
you love shoes. i think you are soon going to grow out of your size 8, so maybe a pair of crocs is up next? you think those are about the coolest things you have ever seen.
but your cowboy boots are pretty awesome too, oh & your rain boots...whatever you are in the mood for.
you love puzzles, memory game, & reading.
you still love to talk, talk, talk. "mom talk" is one of the most common phrases around here.
if we have run out of conversation, the rodeo is always a good filler. 
and recently, you have an owie that seems to mysteriously flare up when we are driving in the car. "mom owie hurt" so we hold hands.
kissing your injuries always makes them feel better.
you don't like to say "sorry".
you love to workout at Grace.
you are my little helper.
you wake up so cheerful, even if you are woken up, its one of my favorite parts of the day!
you love to go to wal-mart or trader joes.
you love your relatives & you are always thinking of them & talking about them.

i could go on & on, detailing out every thing about you & your personality.
you are STILL such a joy to us, bentley von.
i love the priviledge of being apart of your life,
watching, molding, training you.
trying our best.
praying over you for all the gaps we know we can't fill.

love you forever,


Kathy said...

No onesie for the monthly portrait? Ha

summer said...

i cannot BELIEVE all the cool things this kid can do! Bentley, how are you so big?! way to go, Mommy- the details that you recorded here are so awesome :)

Kathy said...

I had entered another comment but it didn't show up. I have been having a hard time reading the "secret code" thing at the end. I know it's not because I'm old. ha. But they are becoming hard to read. But anyway... so interesting to read all about what B likes to do. He loves to "talk" because you do it with him. He understands so much. Thanks for being such a good mother. You and Shawn are great parents to Bentley.