16 August 2012

adventure land 2012

i probably say this every year...
but this may have been the BEST trip to adventure land yet!
(and we have been there quite a few times.)
the day started off cool & cloudy.
they told us the wave pool was closed
(where are you going with this, anna? doesn't sound like the beginnings to the year you have labeled the "BEST"...)
the sun came out.
and to make it up to us for having the wave pool closed,
our parking fee was waved,
free tube rental in the water park,
yes, you read that right.
free pop. no strings attached.

bentley didn't love the rides as much as i had anticipated,
but those were the ones he had to do by himself.
if elsie, caroline, or dad could ride with him,
then he had a blast!
he is still laughing & talking about the bumper cars.

i don't have as many pictures i had thought, caroline had her camera out too.
and i'm pretty sure she took a million.

thanks, dad for another great year at adventure land!
it was a perfect trip.
on our way to the land of adventure

out to eat the first night

bentley was pretty excited about the corner booth

our monkey jumping on the bed

caroline regretting letting bentley sleep in her bed

ready for our adventure! on the ski lift

cute, right? he cried before it started. got off before the ride started.

THIS was more his style.

and this.

next year, he will have to drive truck # 3!

before crying.

we always love the little circus!

loves grandpa tim. even fell asleep while waiting for us to get off a roller coaster!

started & ended the day on the carousel

they had to hold hands the whole ride

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Beth said...

soooo cute! holding hands on the carousel. Looks like everyone had fun!! Go adventureland!