20 July 2012

trip to texas/ jared & kerri's wedding.

our summer of traveling is coming closer to an end by having completed this trip.
i can't believe we have been down to austin, tx & back!
the trip went so well!
bentley loved flying & did great.
he felt very grown-up ordering his own "apple juice, please" from the stewardess.
the boys ready to fly!

testing the seats out


on our second flight, right after take off he fell asleep & slept the whole time!

do you see where B was catching a ride??

beautiful clouds in texas + the austin skyline

our first night out to eat at the Oasis

day 2. boys playing with rocks while waiting for lunch

barton springs! a natural spring pool--somewhere i have always wanted to visit!

a "white" snow cone to cool down

3 moms, out with no kids for the bachelorette party. we kept thinking we had lost a child

downtown-- sixth street

cousin angelina

bentley thinks she is pretty special!

rehearsal dinner outfits

cousin gage was matching too!

day of the wedding--a hot outdoor lunch!

a little browsing after lunch

my handsome boy all ready to go! like his dad, he loves to dress up!

wedding decor

first dance

and the dancing continued! bentley loved every minute

he even asked me to slow dance

logan love

a glow stick send off!

day after the wedding-- day trip to san antonino!

at the alamo!

taking the tour

some very old trees!

boat tour of the riverwalk!

cooling off in the mall

mi tierra  a really cool mexican restaurant!

ready to go home!

grandma had some special plane treats


Maryclayre said...

what great pictures! so gad you all had such a nice trip...what a treat!! i love B and Angelina--they are just too cute for words!!

Beth said...

He looks so grown up! with his backpack and in his dressy suit! Everyone looks great.