30 July 2012

what happened at grandma's...

isn't going to stay at grandma's.
cousin jedidiah has a shirt that has the saying what happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's we had bentley say it & it became his theme for the week. he even saw the shirt going into the wash a few days later & "knew" what it said. (i use quotes not because he doesn't actually know, but i'm pretty sure he isn't actually reading it like he would like us to believe.)
shawn spent the week leading the clinics at the camp witness basketball camp.
bentley & i were both a little under the weather, but we (literally) played through & had fun spending time at grandma & grandpas.
bentley woke up early every morning ready to play with the "tids" (grandmas daycare kids).
it was amazing to see him sit & eat lunch, drink milk from a cup, & play on his own. 
three things that never happen at home.
the week went fast, & we wrapped up the weekend at the burwell rodeo.
its a fun rodeo, & our 3rd year in a row attending!
i couldn't resist, here is the link to his first rodeo.
and, just like three years ago, we have our sarpy county fair & rodeo this week/weekend!
the business craziness fun never stops at our house.
proof that he knows how to eat lunch like a big kid.

whos kid is that running around in their unders yelling naked baby?! mine.

bath time with diah didn't last long

pool time!

out to eat

on a walk

late night snuggles

helping grandma!

what he has been looking forward to-grandpas motorcycle!

sicky boy reading books with grandma

resting with dad

a little nap before the rodeo
so excited for the rodeo to start!

we walked around for a while

i should stop taking pictures & pay attention! who taught this boy to climb fences?!

ended the night making friends & petting a calf

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Beth said...

Big Tid! Did you enjoy the rodeo? Hope you both are feeling better!