05 July 2012

the 4th/ bentleys lake party.

our town takes fourth of july very seriously.
there are 5 firework stands.
one has a giant gorilla (that bentley waved to every time we drove past. we even went & saw him a few times. and i'm talking GIANT blow up gorilla. probably 20+ feet tall.)
bentley was a bit skeptical of fire works at first, but quickly got used to them & even enjoyed them!
we went on a jammie walk down to the firework stand on the 2nd.

bentley also loved the big rocket! he will miss seeing them when we drive through town.

sparklers to ease bentley into the firework show!

and smoke bombs! he loved it!

day before the 4th at mahoney state park

red, white, & buns.

firework show from werner park. viewed from the back of our pickup on a gravel road a mile or so away.

give me a holiday, & i will give you a banner!

the boys went firework shopping. bentley picked up this choo-choo!

it was a little louder than he bargained for.

baby jed celebrating

picking wild flowers

potty training

potty training again.

and today, we had a Burke birthday celebration for bentley!
he loved spending time at the lake & with his family.
he was so excited to bring his elmo cake to share!
i went to a moms night out at CBC & one of the ladies at my table won a cake as a door prize.
she said she would never use the gift certificate, so she gave it to me to use for bentley!
can you see something that is wrong in this picture?

a very normal sight. dad grilling.

he would have stayed & jumped off the curb all night!

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Andrea said...

happy bithday bentley! that's funny because yesterday when i got my cucumbers out from underneath the cake i was going to make a joke that bentley's name was spelled wrong. i specifically looked at his name to make sure it was right. apparently i didn't read the rest.