06 May 2012


busy weeks can be fun.
and fast.
and i don't really know what we were busy with!
the warm weather is calling us outside every evening.
and we always find something to do.

last sunday, in the nursery, bentley made friends with a little girl.
she was reading him books.
and then we went to defy gravity with the cbc youth group 

shawn was still sore 3 days later.
during the week, we...
uncle jared was here for a day. bentley had to sit by him to eat breakfast & watch elmo.

the "pool" is "officially" open!

caroline taught bentley the best way to eat a banana. cut in half. he calls them babies.

my helper! making the bed

the finished product. and you betcha i left them like that!

potty training?

we have been doing some workout videos together! he loves the punches!

i don't know if you can see the bump & scrap. bentley would tell you he did a 'sault down the stairs. and that he did.  missed the step & bonked big time! 

strawberries are his other favorite snack/meal (with a little honey, of course)

helping, again. and i turned around to see that he had sorted the silverware! knives, spoons, & fork.

not feelin' the sand on those bare toes...

but loving his water slide!

first popsicle of the season!

aunt anne brought over my old high chair from grandmothers. bentley decides if he is going to sit in this one, or his regular chair. he calls it "auntannes". (i'll let you guess if he is wearing ANYTHING while he eats his snack)

the peony's are blooming & they are fabulous!

cleaning the gutters. "helicopters" had taken over!

we sat with our friend, baby Will for a few hours. and this is what he did the whole time!

i still love holding MY sleeping baby

neighborhood cookout. the neighbor kids (all siblings) were SO sweet to bentley. they played with him all night. he loved them all! i'm sure he will be knocking on their door soon.
visited the zoo, saturday. we finally got a chance to see the remodeled aquarium! so cool!

we took our lunch. you always get SO hungry at the zoo :)

can you see what birds he is looking at/standing like??

i was surprised, but he loved sitting on the animal figures!

an up close look at the fish!

thanks, caroline! what a perfect day!

we spent saturday evening at baby diahs.

bentley just LOVES his cousin!

two cute boys. they are just going to be best buds!

bentley is by andreas/diahs side at ALL times. just seeing if she needs help.
and here we go again!
here's to another fun-busy-productive-week!


maryclayre said...

SO many things to love about this post!
Bentley is like his Auntie Mary:
likes his strawberries SWEET!
sorts the silverware in the dishwasher.
doesn't quite love the sand.

Haha, ok so maybe everyone is like that :)

I love that he loves babies! he could be playing, but would rather be with his soon to be play mates!

good blogging!!!

vcr said...

oh man, i feel like i say this everyt ime but bentley is just SO cute.