07 May 2012

joes birthday/ play dough.

according to bentleys to-do list...we have a full week!
today, is my baby BROTHER'S birthday.
his 10th birthday.
(and he isn't having a victorian tea like i did.)

i am holding on to him being a kid for as long as possible.
so i made him play dough.

Grandma Kathy's play dough
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 Tablespoon Alum
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 Tablespoon oil
  • food coloring

    step 1 : Mix the dry ingredients together
    step 2: Boil together oil, water, & food coloring
    step 3: Pour into dry ingredients and mix well
    kathy's notes: I found that you don't want to heap the flour (or it is to dry) and don't let the water boil any length of time (or it will boil away some moisture) So I have my dry ingredients ready the minute it starts boiling.

    and in the spirit of birthdays...
    i found old pictures. 
    (mary, you KNEW i had to bust this one out!)
    our first look at the little guy. the end of my junior year of high school.
    i'm pretty sure no one else in my class had a baby brother born that year.

    this is the age i remember him the most. maybe it was because that was when i lived at home. weird to think i moved out when he was only 2.

     this is a gem. i am a few months younger than joe in this picture, but it is amazing how much we look alike/are built the same! and yes, those ginger snaps got a purple ribbon at the fair.

     happy birthday, joe!
    you are a great guy.
    we are so blessed to have you as our brother.
    and since we are going through old pictures, might as well bring out shawn's jr prom teal jacket.



Andrea said...

Do I spy a candyland shirt? And Shawn seemed so old at the time! Apparently he was 12.

Anneliese said...

@andrea- candyland shirt, pink checkered bow, & pink & white pumas with pink laces. it was a good outfit.

vcr said...

ha, i totally noticed the candyland shirt right away. i'm sure that outfit had some glitter eyeshadow too:)

Maryclayre said...

Anna, what was the green shirt that was like candyland shirt? care bears? no...

I cried a little at those pictures..how has it been 10 years already? It went by too fast...and now we have babies the "same age" as Joe! ha

In my mind Shawn is standing on YOUR back porch in that picture. LOL!!!

Kathy said...

In your family picture I think Bentley looks more like Elsie there than Joe, although I think he has always looked like Joe or your Dad.

Kathy said...

That was neat you took Joe's picture in the "age" chair. B will have his picture there when he is 10 and you can compare. (I guess we better be gentle with the chair if we want it to last for a lifetime.)