28 April 2012

sarah's shower.

on april 18th, a sweet friends baby was born!
william stanley was born at 36 weeks.
he weighed 5 lbs 6 oz & was 18 inches long.
but healthy! he didn't have to go into the nicu which was a huge blessing to his parents.
and today, we got to spoil them a little more!
i helped co-host the church shower (the first one i have ever done)
and it was a HUGE success!
there were about 70 ladies there.
and we were maxed out.
but amazingly, we had plenty of food!
it was a wonderful morning spent with friends.
it was emotional for everyone because this baby has been prayed for by so many.
God is good.
baby Will stayed home for the shower, but i got to hold him Thursday.

my husband. picking 100 roadside daisies. in the rain.

the fruits of his labor!

banner for the shower!

grandma reimers mason jars. bentleys sandbox sand.

the finished center piece!

craft activity.

a super crowded room! but everyone had a spot.

kathy dick giving the lesson- how motherhood is like exercise

brunch style!

God's blessings in the form of presents!

one of my fave onesies that got decorated!

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Andrea said...

The centerpieces turned out great!!