18 May 2012

the 9-5

our work week was a pretty good one. 
we got to get out & socialize a lot!
on thursday, we didn't have plans,
and bentley kept asking all day-
bye-bye? go?
he loves getting out & about.
helping cousin/uncle drew do some lawn work!

on a walk. bentley & shawn jogged for at least 1/2 a mile.

eating lunch with gage & lane!

the play dough gift strikes again!

a mothers love.

happy 4th birthday, cousin lane!
this picture progression is so funny!
lane was so proud of his cupcakes & candles.
but little brother couldn't take the suspense.
(don't worry, the candles got re-lit so he could blow them out on his own)

playing with cousin's cousins. :)

bentley wanted to do a little toy organization.

and we ended our "work week" at the lake. lunch tastes SO good outside!

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