14 May 2012

mothers day weekend.

our weekend was full (but of all the right things) & fun.
shawn was reffing some flag football on saturday, so caroline was my sidekick for the day.
we went & hung out with cousins & then went to a graduation party!

iron on 'k'. a quick & easy monogram!

caroline got to feed baby Will his bottle!

saturday evening- tons of hot air ballons launching from a few blocks away!
 we went over to visit baby diah for a while on saturday night.
(you can go here to see pictures of when diah came to our house)

 good morning!
my boys know me so well.
we went to church & then my moms.

we made a run to the store.
bentley sees us grab things we want & put them in the cart.
so he does the same.
he also had a scooter half-way in our cart before we noticed.
don't worry, his dad found him a dollar isle dinosaur that was pretty cool.

on our way home, we stopped at the Louisville lakes.
i have been excited to go there this summer since it is so close to home.
and GOOD NEWS! bentley liked it!
if you recall, he won't put his feet in his sandbox,
but he walked (only on the wet sand) with his bare feet!
he even asked for his shoes off.
so lake days are a GO!

even throwing the sand!

my mothers day gift!
an ice cream maker!
shawn says it is the gift that keeps on giving.
i'm super excited to see what creations we can come up with this summer!
isn't it cute?
a wooden bucket-with an optional hand crank!
but it also plugs in.
i totally love it.
(if you are someone who makes their own ice cream, feel free to pass on your secrets/recipes!)

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summer said...

ice cream maker!! ahhhhh! that is one awesome present.

ps. i loved this post.