02 April 2012

our visit to colorado

"READY!" bentley thought this would be a good traveling outfit.
on thursday, we packed up & drove west!

our first stop was castle rock, co.
we got to stay & play with our cousins!
you can imagine what fun the kids all had!
it was such a wonderful time!
chick-fil-a for lunch, shopping at the outlet malls, playing at the park, a giant easter egg hunt, & just getting to spend some time with family.

the reimers have an extra boy!

bentley was ALWAYS very concerned about "Logo" (Logan)

first EVER ice cream cone!

on saturday morning, after the egg drop, we headed up to estes park!
a friend was getting married, so it was a great excuse to make the trip.

helping me get ready

deer! bentley is still talking about them

we were out of swim diapers.
on sunday, we got up, ate breakfast & headed home!
trips are wonderful, but there is nothing better than getting home & sleeping in your own bed!


vcr said...

we loooooved our time with you guys!! thank you so much for coming our way for a few days, seriously, means SO much to us!!!

maryclayre said...

what fun pictures! Looks like you guys just had the best time, so glad that the trip worked out like it did! how fun...there is something about Colorado that I just LOVE!!
As always, love when you blog :)