23 March 2012

we have been loving the spring weather!
is it actually spring?
we made it through winter?
bentley wakes up wanting to go outside.
on the drizzly days, we are outside.
i actually folded laundry on the front porch the other day, just so he could be out there/ i could get something done.
a toddler is one of the best workout partners around,
he gets the stroller out & begs for a walk!
happy friday!
i am going to go visit a friend who JUST (yesterday) had a baby!
there is nothing more amazing than a newborn.

we are having uncle dj & aunt andrea over to grill out tonight!
(can't wait until they are bringing THEIR baby with them!)

and i'm sure we will go on a walk at some point. if you drive past us in your pickup, fire truck, or whathaveyou, wave. it makes the little mans day. and he will tell his dad the whole story. 9 times.

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Maryclayre said...

you are such a good blogger!!!!

what an adorable, smart little man!