09 April 2012

birthday & easter weekend!

this weekend we celebrated my 27th birthday!
since it was Easter weekend (always special, considering i was BORN on Easter Sunday), Shawn had Friday off of work! Bentley helped me get ready in the morning, and then we went on a day date to the botanical gardens!

took a bath IN the bowl that his Easter eggs were in.

lunch with my boys @ jimmy johns!

Easter present from auntie maddie!

the Easter bunny?!
out to eat at Cilantros, a mexican restaurant we had never been to!
it was very good, we will totally go back.

thanks for celebrating guys!

at one point bentley was drinking the salsa straight from the bowl

april 7th birthday doughnuts!

i sent this picture to my sister to document what i looked like on my 27th birthday.

birthday cake at wheatfields!

trying to walk andreas baby on out!

birthday pizza.

happy easter from the kliewers!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for letting us share in your weekend. It's so much fun staying at your house. But don't be sighing to big a sigh of relief that we're gone. Remember we're coming back any day. Ha!