19 April 2012

our new cousin!

on april 11, 2012
bentley got his first (kliewer) boy cousin!
jedidiah john.
or diah as bentley so lovingly refers to him as.
he is a cutie!
it is always shocking that:
   a.babies are ACTUALLY born. coming 6 days after his due date, we had kinda given up on him ever being born. from our reasoning, Andrea is actually still pregnant. and forever will be.
   b. they are actually BABIES! he is perfect. little nose, hair, eyes. and a line across his nose JUST like his dads. it was literally the first thing i noticed.

bentley is in heaven. babies are one of his favorite things (right up there with playing outside, eating "I peam" {ice cream}, and playing "dolf" {golf} with his mini clubs)
we too, are pretty smitten.
every time i hold him i say to andrea,
did he get a bath?
nope, she says.
they are just little miracles.
andreas one request. bring her a pop! so we did. at 11 pm.

baby jedidiah john! 8 lbs 8 oz 21 1/2 inches long

meeting jed for the first time

hanging out at the hospital, looking like a big boy

andrea's goal was to have nicely painted nails for pictures!

i love the comparison of their faces!

bentley was not left out in the excitement of the new baby!

excited to greet baby diah when he arrived home!

helping uncle dj do some work. (dj normally uses plastic tools. it's a wonder he can do so many projects!)

already one week old!


Andrea said...

awwwwwwwwww! my favorite post yet! I almost cried while looking through it! is anyone surprised? i found myself thinking, "he looked so different back then." newsflash-he is one week old. "back then" was only days ago.

i kinda of want to print off this blog post and put it in his baby book. hmmm...which reminds me...maybe i should get a baby book.

great post! bentley and jedi are gonna be such good friends when they get a little older!

vcr said...

so sweet!!!! bentley is just 'that much other' that jedidiah is going to think he is just the coolest and will want to do everything bentley does. its going to be so fun watching them grow up!
...andrea, i laughed at your "back then" comment. i often talk about logan and say "yeah, when she was a baby..." ur, she still is:)

Maryclayre said...

Aw he is just SO cute!!!! I wish I could be there to hold that sweet boy!!
I just love how sweet Bent is to him! He'll always watch out for his new best buddy!!
I know what you mean Andrea, and Celine, they do change fast though!!! Even though they are still tiny tines!!

I love all these precious babies! What a fun family the Kliewers/Reimers are blessed with!!

Beth said...

He is the cutest newborn ever! Conrats you guys! A sweetie pie.
Love, Beth

nice nails, Andrea