24 April 2012

22 months.

bentley von kliewer.
twenty-two months.
you know your name!
bent bon kleeber!
you are at a wonderful age...
even though with each passing month it just becomes more bitter sweet.
i never want you to grow up,
but you just get sweeter & cuter & smarter with each passing month.
so maybe i will let you.
you said to me on our walk the other day,
"bird eat grass!"
wow. that is a lot of words strung together!
last night you were saying,
"mom, watch jump!" (as you jumped off your overturned toy tub)
"dad, look ready!" (as you got your toys ready to play with)
we are amazed as we watch you transform from a baby into a boy.
"elmo's wowld" your favorite show.
"ipeam" {ice cream} also a newly found fave.
playing in the sandbox. not quite your fave...yet. 

you keep your shoes on. and don't want to much sand on your hands.

watching & talking to the neighbor dogs. 
your favorite.
your aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas & cousins. 
all your favorite. 

actually, you are very friendly & polite to everyone.
pastor tschetter said as we were leaving church & you were giving hugs to everyone "wow, is he always this friendly?" yep. just about!
and your aunt andrea just complemented you on your manners! as she handed you an orange slice, you would say "thank you!" every time without being prompted. 
we are so proud of you, bentley.
you are everything & MORE we could want in our son.
you are caring & loving. 
helping mom by running my phone to me whenever it goes off. "text!"

always looking out for babies.
there was a crying baby in the nursery & bentley went up to the mom & said "deejew" (feed you. aka nurse.) 
you also know when your new baby cousin needs to eat. at the slightest sound, you are already running the boppy pillow over to andrea. 
just recently, things (mostly ants) have been scaring you.  
so we talk about who made you? "GOD!"
and what did God make you to be? "BRAVE!" 
still working, at your own pace, at using the potty.

still waking up with your arms wrapped around my neck.
if you aren't ready to wake up, you mumble "nuggle nuggle" {snuggle snuggle}.
if you aren't ready to go to bed, you yell for dad to come lay (and talk & pray & sing) with us. "dada! shAWN! SHAWNEEE!"

you are a puzzle master.
and love to color.
you are a master of identifying animals. 

you are in constant need of a snack.

toast + butter & honey, please!
you have an enthusiastic "YEAH!" as a reply to most any question asked.
and i hope that never changes.



Andrea said...

Ok....THAT post was one of my favorites! He is getting so smart so fast!! he is so so kind to baby Jed! Way to go, Bentley!

Kathy said...

Bentley Von Kliewer - we are so proud of you too. You are very tender hearted and obey so well. You are very gentle with other kids and babies. Your talking is so cute!!!
We love to come to Omaha to see you. Anneliese, that was such an interesting blog. Loved all the pictures and the things he says.

Beth said...

This was such an endearing blog! He is going to LOVE reading these when he is older and after that! You're a great writer and photographer, Anna. He is such a cutie boy boy!!

Maryclayre said...

WOW! If I was a crier, I'd be bawling! What a good post. We love you so much, Bent! And are so proud of you!