14 March 2012


so back on february 26 we pulled off a great surprise! mary & addy came to visit! they were scheduled to arrive march 7th, but mary wanted to be here for her birthday (february 27) so we hatched a plan. i picked them up...and we went to moms! nothing to detailed or planned out, but it was awesome! everyone was totally surprised (phew! am i the only one who gets surprise anxiety?). the two weeks to follow were totally fun & busy! bentley & addy are so cute together. waking up calling for each other. still. that is the hardest part about cousins having to go back home. at least we have skype. here is a smattering of photos from their visit/the last couple weeks...
sisters sisters!

zoo day!
sweet adelynne joy! 14 months

happy 23rd birthday, mary! (this wasn't her actual birthday. just a zoo visit!)

elsie & maddie

when you are at the zoo, you always feel the need to take pictures of the animals.


this was a frequent sight. cousins together.

see caption to above picture.
watching charlotte's web no doubt. addys fave movie.

enjoying the nice weather. doing some weeding. wearing a tie.

yard work is the perfect way to keep bentley entertained. he swept for 45+ minutes.

mary was a bridesmaid in darrins sisters wedding!

my date. (shawn was at nationals)

joes first steps on to the dance floor...and he never looked back!

everyone loved dancing-notice bentley has already kicked his shoes off!

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