16 March 2012

5 years ago...

you guys looked like this.

and we got ready here.

and celine did my hair while i wore my pretty dress.

and 2 days later we were here...
we have been celebrating our five year wedding anniversary this week.
shawn gave me these beautiful flowers...just like the ones we had in our wedding.

we made a "Jamaican" meal: caribbean jerk chicken sandwiches, shoestring fries, rum punch (rum optional) .

we stayed the night at embassy suites!
headed down to the pool! bentley was VERY excited about his nemo diapers (aka swim diapers)

a microwave right at your height is awesome. he put his pizza in it.

and tonight, we are going on a sushi date!

i can't decide if 5 years is long or short.
it seems like a long time ago since our wedding, but like we haven't been married for very long.
maybe you always feel like that?
either way, it's been enjoyable.
and i am thankful for the blessed life that God continues to give us.

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Andrea said...

yay! congratulations!! i agree...your wedding seems like forever ago, yet i feel like you haven't been married very long. i can't believe how young caroline, elsie, and joe look! and they were even younger when we met you! crazy!

i love hotels! i'm sure bentley loved it too!