21 February 2012

february wrap-up

  • new Buckys gas station 6 minutes from our house! 
  • the lady (from the visiting team) in front of us gave B a cool light up basketball toy!
  • classic.
  • dad got bent his first ring pop at the plattview high school basketball game we went to.
  • so many showers this month!
  • new find. head band.
  • mailboxes.
  • 7 ft snowman.
  • great-grandpas hat!
  • valentine doughnuts
  • valentine (puzzle) from "grapa" & "ma"
  • pre-hair cut
  • post. (how does it instantly make him older?!)
  • coaches kid
  • bowling night!
funny feb stories:
  • shawns parents arrived to our house late (about 10 pm) & bentley had stayed up to see them. he was wild, running crazy, showing all his toys...we were talking about him & what he likes these days. i didn't want to distract him from his playing so i said to kathy, "just this week, he has started liking to watch E-L-M-O on the computer" bentley stops, jumps up & yells "ELMO!" 
  • earlier in the week, we were watching shawn at basketball practice. we were sitting at the top of the bleachers, and shawn was walking towards us. bentley thought he was looking up at us so he waved. shawn wasn't looking...so bentley stands up & yells at full voice "SHAWN!" that got his dad's attention, so then bentley got his wave (and a laugh from all the basketball girls.) 
  • we went bowling this weekend with some of shawns relatives who were in town. i haven't bowled in forever! so i gave in. (you know you always break your nail, bowling balls are way heavier than you think, and your arm always gets tired...but i pushed through.) the first game was pretty bad, i was just getting my feel for it, so i decided to bowl another round. the second game was going much better & my last frame i got a spare, so i got to go one more time. my score was 99. all i have to do is take it nice & easy, and yay! over 100! i line up, very serious. take a deep breath, BONK! I SENT IT INSTANTLY INTO THE GUTTER! i don't know what happened. and i don't want to talk about it. ;)
rest of the month...
  • play date tomorrow with friends!
  • this weekend out of town for our regional tournament (if we win, the team gets to go to nationals!)
  • sisters birthday!
  • leap day
...and that about sums up the rest of our month. (i will be back next week to let you know how the team did/ i'm sure to have some cute pictures of bentley in the hotel pool. he is totally going to love it!)

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