25 May 2011


i think that may 2011 might have been the fastest month of my life. newsflash: it's almost over. which means it's almost june. woah. our calendar was full before the month even started, and the scribbles on the calendar are still there, even when i turn the page. the month started with shawn planting the garden, and will end with us camping with shawn's family for memorial day. in between we had graduations + parties--one of those being our cousin in kansas, so we made the trip for that!

my sister was here from south carolina for the majority of the month. and of course, she brought her sweet baby girl with her. i think we had at least one scheduled event every day! it went to fast, but was so fun. while she was here, the 3rd sister graduated from high school! woohoo!

everyone probably knows this, but i cut my hair. here is the last minute attempt to document it.

for some reason B covered in sweet potatoes is always cute.

picking up the kids from school, being greeted by their niece & nephew!

short hair!

ellis first diaper change!

my moms baby. first baseball game of the season!

B always needs to be in on the action!

this is the high chair we all have sat in!

last day of high school finished!

with all our activities, we had a lot of sleeping babies!

um, yes. sweetest babies.

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Maryclayre Dick said...

love love love! thanks for blogging...you are so good at it!