06 June 2011

st. louis

we spent a quick weekend in saint louis, MO last week. Shawn attended the NCCAA conference on behalf of CFCI, but also was there as the Grace coach too. He was pretty busy doing double time, talking to coaches about missions trips they can take their teams on, while going to rules meetings, etc. Bentley & I had plenty of free time to roam the halls, make friends with EVERYONE we came across, hang out in the room & play toys (grandma kathy sent a big bag of toys gathered from her house so B would have some new things to play with. i think his favorites were the fake french fry, the rubber peas, the dump truck, the tiny baby doll, & the cow), we took naps, got ice from the machine, and even got a chance to swim in the pool! it was fun getaway--i'm even more excited for the conference next year...it is in greenville, SC. just down the road from my sister! yipee! we will have to take a few more days & turn it into a real vacation.

:::the photos are a tad random--some from my phone, and not really in chronological order:::


Andrea said...

in the first swimming trunks picture, i feel like he's saying "cheese" for the camera. these are all such cute pictures!

Kathy said...

I am so glad you got to go along. Looks like he had fun climbing on the window sill. Your room must have been on a higher floor. The cars outside look like they're so far down. See ya soon.