24 May 2011

eleven months.

 just because bentley turned 11 months old he is now getting further & further away from being a baby?
apparently that is how the math works.
i didn't think it would be so accurate.
he is toddling around everywhere, even as i type he has a toy in each hand & is clanging them together as he walks around the living room.
he is making more sounds these days too.
"ba" for everything.
and then ball, or is it just the general "ba" sound?
a very clear "more" for food.
he also knows, no, and makes the shaking his hand sign that i make at him.
he is still such a sweet boy, loving life & the people that he interacts with.
he has every trait of a kliewer:
stays up late, loves yummy food, always up for a road trip, loves making people laugh, loves hanging out with people.
we know our baby didn't get switched at the hospital.
i haven't decided if i am happy or sad at all these changes. happy. i think.
it is amazing to see his personality shine through more & more each day.

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Beth said...

These are so good, Anna! What a silly sweety happy baby. We love him!