13 January 2011

hang on one second, i know you just woke up.
and have sleep marks.
and drool.
and probably a crusty nose.

hang on one second, i have to grab the camera.
you are standing.
you love it.
i think you wake up just to practice.

hang on one second, i know you are getting strong.
slow down, boo-boo baby.
bentley von, bv, bentley boo-boo.
don't grow up to fast.


Andrea said...

i cannot wait to come over this weekend to see his first steps.

vcr said...

i love his little fingers gripping the crib.

...and thanks again for letting gage borrow that onsie bentley:)

Maryclayre Dick said...

hang on one second, while I go grab a box of kleenex!

auntanneneemann said...

Make that two boxes Mary!! Great pics,AnnaMama!!

Beth said...

kissy kiss kisss kissy kissy kissy!