14 January 2011

why does friday ALWAYS give you the excited feeling in your stomach?
even when your plans are Target + the grocery store.
(well, i guess that explains it. cause Target + bringing home new groceries is ALWAYS awesome.)
shawn is on his second to last roadtrip with the basketball team.
i have a friend sister coming to be my assistant hang out.
i think next week Bentley will have a surprise to show off.
hint: starts with 'T', rhymes with Oooth.
i feel like at this rate, i will be reporting back how he can count to 10.
and read.

last night, bentley stayed home with shawn.
my parting instructions were "as soon as you hear him, hurry & go get him because he is sleeping on our bed & can roll off".
according to shawn he heard a little noise in the bedroom. remembering my instructions, he hurried in. bentley wasn't on the bed! where was he? oh, you know, just climbing onto my nightstand.  shawn said he was almost completely on the nightstand! i don't know what he always is trying to get over there.


Andrea said...

a "truth?" hmmm...don't get it.

those pictures are SO cute. i especially love the hoodie ones! i feel like he has turned into a little boy since after christmas.

p.s. does anyone else find the "word verification" words interesting? mary?...i feel like you could appreciate them. they're always pronounceable, but never real words. almost every time i post, i want to end my message with the word, but always refrain.


Andrea said...

also...i'm "that" aunt. i read this post and said, "DJ! bentley is getting a tooth!" dj said, "i know."


Maryclayre Dick said...

Andrea! i ALWAYSSS want to write my word verification because, yes, they are interesting!! I can't believe you had this same thought!! yessss, I am not crazy :)


Maryclayre Dick said...

1. That hoodie fits perfectly!!
2. What a fun aunt(s) he has!!
3. I feel like he is mature to like his paci...like, " I know I don't HAVE to like this, and I don't want it to replace my mom, so I will just use it for what I want!"

He is so stinking cute.


Anneliese said...

i'm laughing.
i'm glad i'm not alone.

except right now i am left out. i don't have to verify myself.