11 January 2011

i never want to forget...

bentleys first christmas.

i remember last christmas when i felt a tinge of sadness knowing it wouldn't be just shawn & i any more.
how wrong i was.
life is better with bentley.
we should make shirts that say that.
i want to remember how he is growing into a real social bug.
 and a clown.
 and lets not forget, he had a santa suit.
 or that grandma still has the magic touch.
 of all the toys, pink bunny is usually a fave.
 hanging out with grandpa? doing work on the computer? yes please.
 i love the smiles he gives me.
 he loves to hang out with the guys.
 he especially likes his uncles to hold him. last night jared set bentley down & it appeared that he got his feelings hurt! crying & crawling back over for uncle jer to hold him again.
 he was very sweet & gentle with great-grandpa reimer. bentley will hold his hand on your face, just to make sure you are still there.
 happy new year! yes, bentley rang in the new year with the group. is that surprising? he couldn't miss out on a party! i have a million more pictures i want to post to finish up the holidays. (i am especially excited because my sister in law got a new camera for christmas...bentley is a good test subject! yesss.) but this is a start. besides, you probably want to know how bentley learned how to sit up over christmas, which lead into him crawling, which leads us to him now standing in his crib & on his toy box. and this has all just been in the last 2-3 weeks! so i better get back on top of my blogging, otherwise the next time i check in he will be walking!



Maryclayre Dick said...

Oh I am sad I missed his first Christmas...but so happy he had a good one! I can't believe how big he is getting...but still a baby!!

Kathy said...

GREAT MEMORIES! At the time you think you will surely remember all these things, but as time goes on and many other memories are added they disappear. This is a good way to remember. Love, Grandma