23 August 2010


bentleys new favorite activity is bathtime! just last night, he was tired & crabby...so i put him in the bath & he instantly stopped crying & just mellowed out. {don't mind the pink baby tub. i should have known we would have a boy since we were given some free baby supplies...that were pink.}
 notice that nice church hair do?

and.....this is what he looks like when he gets out of the bath! does he really want to stay in longer? i suppose so.


Andrea said...

he looks deceivingly big in these pictures. or maybe he is this big and i am convinced that he is still his 1-day-old size.

Maryclayre Dick said...

I agree with Andrea, he sure is outgrowing his newborn stage! Of course he is still so baby boy!
He looks so funny without his wild man hair!