22 August 2010

new ride

we have been looking for a car for a while now...and have finally found (and now own) the perfect one! if you recall, my mazda got crunched. so, ever since then, we have causally been looking for something to replace it (not in our hearts, just to drive). we totally fell in love with the mazda5...as shawn puts it "a unisex car". cute for girls, fast & furious style for guys. also, during basketball season, shawn does a lot of driving back & forth to Grace U, so we needed something that got good gas mileage! he figured with a car we could be saving $100 a month in gas! plus we enjoy driving to see family...now we don't have an excuse! i hope bentley likes this mazda5...it's gonna be his first car.


Maryclayre Dick said...

Love it!
I chuckled at the thought of it being Bentley's first car. I am looking forward to it pulling up in my parking lot :)

vcr said...

woohoo, way exciting!!