16 April 2014

before baby arrives...

i've been wanting to update on these days before baby arrives, and today is the day where there is time & energy!
we are 3 days over due date...and feeling good! of course, you always hope baby comes a few days early, so i have now been expecting baby to come any day now for quite some time. but these days of being over due have been fun!
relaxing, slow, keeping things tidy.

so here are a few highlights from the last few weeks....

watching caroline cheer for the very last time! we get at least another year with elsie who made the 2014/2015 squad!

Family Life-weekend to remember conference in lincoln! it was SO great & we loved it & will defiantly make it a priority to go again.

they give you all of saturday evening for a date night! and this was our first night away from Bentley. and of course, he loved his slumber party with his grandma & aunts & uncle joe.

but boy was i glad to have him back! and yes, he cried. WHEN WE PICKED HIM UP!

getting his own "midnight snack"

first wednesday not working at the cafe & i had an impromptu lunch date at andreas! it was the funnest day.

AND we rented Frozen! which has now turned into our favorite movie...thank you Shawn for surprising me with my own copy for my birthday!

ah yes, the day i realized i look just like the Grinch.

my birthday! it really was a great day! yay for 29!

what i posted with this picture on instagram "the day after my birthday & the day was filled with so many lovely things in the middle, but i want to remember how it began & ended. first thing my mop top boy jumping out of bed yelling IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!! & going to bed saying "oh wait mom, we never sang that song!" so he sang me happy birthday in the dark. (and yes then I cried)

and then my dad stopped by....

he looked in the mirror & said "oh i look so good"

a fun shopping day with bentley

saturday day morning prom hair appointment for caroline & coffee

saturday evening birthday party for jed!


his favorite thing. laying by the heater.

long naps together.

browsing our new dollar general! it might be pregnancy excitement, but it was awesome!

TODAY.  i couldn't sleep & i had a free drink on my starbucks card, so really this was my only option. leave the guys sleeping & go for a little drive.

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Andrea said...

I did not need a caption to know that the mounds of groceries/miscellaneous items were from your dad. And I remember looking in the mirror was at the very end of my pregnancy and just laughing. i was so shocked at my figure. The Grinch...perfect description.