21 March 2014

happy spring!

it is now officially springtime!
this means we are getting really close to baby time (at least, that is what the calendar says. i still don't quite believe it myself.)
we have a little stack of diapers, some clean clothes, & a moses basket with a clean white sheet on it.
no cupboard i open is safe from a good wipe down & purging.
bentley is LOVING the few nice days we have had & always checks out the window to see if "the trees are moving" that is a good indicator on if we want to go outside or not. 

backing it all the way back to march 1. the last weekend of our basketball season. out to breakfast with shawns parents who came in town for the regional tournament.

wrapping up the weekend with a bath at jared & kerris (with Jed) and a bowl of ice cream.

view out of my kitchen window

Jed & Bentley playing "high five!"

bentley is exactly half of shawns height.

almost 35 weeks completed

library time craft (example above, ours below)

"mom i just want to snuggle. i just like the feeling of you"

march 13--one month before the due date & this is what arrived on our doorstep!

friday night out to chick-fil-a

eve of our 7th anniversary & we spent the evening at boys state basketball!

carolines 18th birthday! such a fun day!

she loves marshmallows. so we made some marshmallow pops!

doing some pink & blue & yellow & green laundry!

turned in my 2 weeks notice at the cafe (haha!)  almost completed 36 weeks!

learning how to do his hair

he fell back asleep after he woke up from his nap.


Anonymous said...

i DO love marshmallows -- they are my favorite fooooood. You are the greatest for making me special Mpops:)

Andrea said...

Please tell me that you girls sang/played MmmBop while making those marshmallow pops.