27 February 2014

this month.// february

i know every mom knows the quote "the days are long, but the years are short." that is how our days have been going! enough hours in a day to get chores done, play, go places, but the weeks pass so quickly! and they don't seem like they are, but the calendar says differently.

so backing it up the the first weekend in february when we got snow! AND kami & jonathan (now engaged!) came to visit. but the biggest highlight of all was on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 Bentley explained the gospel to caroline, kami, & jonathan & told how he believed that Jesus died on the cross for his sins, and we all have sins, but if we believe that Jesus died for us, we can go to heaven. he said "i believe this! do you guys?" what an awesome moment....that i wasn't there for, but glad to have my sisters be able to tell me about!

baby boots from aunt kami!

valentines weekend. a surprise note by my bed, a growing 31 week belly, valentine treats for the basketball girls, a lunch date with my husband, a home basketball game with my sisters (& starbucks), and the surprise of that weekend was after the game, each of the basketball girls came over to me & gave me a rose. AND shawn had flowers for my sisters & a little gift for bentley. it was such a surprise & i felt like i was in a movie.

 the rest of the month... more basketball (this is our last weekend of the season), grandma & grandpa came to visit, a sunny day followed by a snowy day, "play dates" between me & bentley. he is in a growing stage! eating a lot, having TONS of energy that is accompanied by TONS of questions.

Jed (almost 2), Bentley (3 1/2), & Nash (2 months)

hot cocoa= almond milk, honey, & cocoa powder!

next month is the last full month before my due date. WHAT?! i know, it is sneaking up on me as much as it is you. not to say i don't have tons of reminders (wild baby, or if not being crazy, then hiccups, giant belly that makes me debate on picking up things i drop, feeling slower & a little more tired sooner than i did with B) I know it will all happen so quickly. But i will aim to pop back in & update on our day to day life in March, so i can remember to appreciate EACH day for what it is.


Andrea said...

i love the new header! the valentine's nails are so pink/red and fabulous. were you tanning outside?? every time i see a burke sisters picture, it always makes me wish i had sisters. not to get cheesy and sappy, but i do have pretty awesome sisters-in-law that make up for it. and i'm really glad that i grew up with brothers. so i'm okay!!

Maryclayre said...

I love all of this!!
Also - yes about feeling tired. Remember the days when you were pregnant with Bentley when you could rest after work or on the weekends? Not any more! B is so cute. I love when you blog!!