05 February 2014

the rest of january & oops, into february.

here we are into february!
yesterday we finally got the big snow we have been wanting!
the last couple weeks ALL of shawns basketball games have been on the road, me & B still come up with some fun things to do while he is away (mainly eating at panara & browsing target with Caroline), but it feels good to have our days a bit more normal. and we will finish out the basketball season with all home games.

as much as i don't like to get behind posting pictures & updates here, it is fun (for me!) to go back & see what we have been doing.

we have started a new nap & bedtime routine--him laying down with out me or shawn laying with him. this was the first day he actually fell asleep by himself!

search the blog for sweet + salty cookies if you want to make some of these!

a warm january day.

cutting "hearts" for "all the people i love"

post midwife panara date! just me & my boy.

30 weeks!

elsie took this. i love those little hands!

4 out of 7 girls from our small group

AND the result of laying down by yourself equals a sticker rewards chart!

venturing out to the mall play area. Jed & Bentley LOVED it

shawn & B came out for breakfast while i worked at my moms cafe

and if you don't nap, you fall asleep while we are supposed to be eating supper at church.

a saturday at the cafe, our newest employee. he is a very good worker, always busy!

"wait, mom we need pepperonis!"

he promised to help dad shovel if we could buy this.

my new mug from caroline!

busy days made for some crazy laundry catch up.

and the big snow! we had to go play in before it got dark. "here mom wear your poodle hat"

he usually ends up with my gloves.
the end of February usually isn't a very anticipated time, but we have fun things to look forward too!
  • kami & her boyfriend "Jonasiss" (Jonathon) coming for a visit
  • midwife appointments now every 2 weeks!
  • um, hello! valentines day!
  • regionals/ the end of another basketball season
  • more snow??
  • march & april.

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summer said...

ok i LOVE all of these!! Your sticker chart is inspiring me and that mug from Caroline is awesome and baby time is getting so close!!!! :)