06 January 2014

New Years in Kansas.

happy 2014!
we went into the new year not overly healthy,
in fact, the morning we were scheduled to head down to kansas to celebrate christmas & new years I woke up pretty sick.
BUT, we are back home & on the mend!
so much so, that i went through two closets today & organized them.

while we were there, sick or not, we had fun.
good food,
fun games,
cute babies,
late nights.

at home, playing with new christmas toys

after a long road trip, some chocolate soup was delish.

the guys testing out some guns

in town, shopping with grandpa. both have their coats in the cart.

andelyn (ryan & heathers) is the cutest!

there were 4 other cousins there too, but this one couldn't run around as fast.

trying out the new years cookies!

so excited to welcome in the new year!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Love when someone posts pics of the fun times we had. Put me right back in Kansas. Love your wreath over the "old radio" Perfect.