27 December 2013

Christmas time.

every morning for the past few weeks bentley would wake up & say "mom, is it Christmas DAY? or Christmas TIME?"

what a Christmas time we have been having.
busy, but everything got checked off our list.
except making Christmas cookies,
we still need to do that.

our Christmas break isn't over yet, we still will continue to celebrate into the new year by going down to Kansas to be with Shawns side of the family!

since i ended up not posting any pictures during the Christmas season, thanks for browsing through this extra long post. it was fun for me to look back & remember the days.

B spent the day at DJ & Andreas while we went to TWO Christmas parties. we were all worn out!

remember when it snowed?!

Christmas shopping!

more errands with my helper. he had been wanting a Christmas cookie for so long.

the girls choir concert

getting ready to send a package to addy & molly. B picked a few things from his toy box to add.

little baby is growing!

a house we drove by one friday night.

boy cousins pictures for grandma

baby nash!

a few more errands with my boy! who as soon as we got home "DAD WE GOT YOU SHOES FOR CHRISTMAS!"

happy 15th birthday, Elsielynn!

helping meema decorate her tree

the weekend before Christmas in Atkinson. we got there Thursday night, so Friday B joined in on daycare.

it was VERY cold, but these guys still got outside.

we made a little trip to Marilyn's, a huge store mostly dedicated to Christmas decor

handmade stick horse from the California cousins!

Christmas Eve's Eve with grandpa Tim. the first present opened, a coat "not a single toy"

Dad playing White Christmas for us.

i LOVE our tree!

Christmas Eve at grandmothers, then to church!

after church at meema & poppas

Christmas morning at moms house!

ending the day right. snacks & phase 10.

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