06 December 2013

thanksgiving week.

this year, for the first time since Bentley was 5 months old, we didn't go down to kansas to spend the holiday with Shawns side of the family. we are back to an every-other-year type schedule. traveling down there is super fun! but so is staying home. we started the week with two basketball games, one at home, one 2 hours away (for the first time this season, B & I traveled with the team!) and we ended the week picking out our Christmas tree & celebrating Shawns birthday!

sunday before thanksgiving. i never want to forget how Bentley told me at least 5 times throughout the day how pretty i looked in my green dress.

on the road with the basketball team. you can only imagine how excited B was to be front seat of a charter bus.

the morning after. SO tired!

gluten free pumpkin pie!

Bentley got to sit at the kids table.

the big kids table!

the cousins who were able to come!
the day after thanksgiving, on the hunt for our tree!
bentley thought this looked like a good one.

2013 tree!

it's so perfect!

i don't have any pictures with the rest of the family who came kansas to be here for thanksgiving/shawns parents were here too! so we got to have a fun birthday party for him on saturday! i was so excited to have a good excuse to make summer's reeces peanut butter cups

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