21 November 2013

today//some firsts.

today i woke up to a a living room full of socks & cardboard, or so it appeared.
bentley quickly explained it was leftover from the marshmallow roast him & shawn had before bed.
you see, you have to rip up a cardboard box (left over from the new basketball tshirts), add a bath towel for kindling, then get your best straw, spoon, or mini lite saber to roast some child size socks marshmallows!

a few firsts from this week:
  • went on a walk without a stroller/wagon, etc! bentley usually wants to run the whole walk anyways so i thought we would test it out! we were out for 15 minutes but could have gone longer. he felt pretty special about it all.
  • he went to puggles without caroline! and we all know this is a big deal.
  • we made our own little pizzas! i have always wanted to do a little cooking project with him & since he has his hopes set on baking & decorating christmas cookies, this was a good start!

  • and i have my own broth simmering on the stove as we speak! i did wimp out & had to have shawn cut up the whole chicken for me. this is something i have wanted to do for a long time & i think we can do it! it was kind of a "give a mouse a cookie" experience, because i got my broth going, then had to cut veggies for the soup i will make out of it, then cut the veggies to roast to go along with the chicken we will eat tonight...so since i have now been in the kitchen all morning, might as well make some apple crisp!
  • ok ok, to accompany all of this kitchen time, i turned on christmas music!  

we are getting so excited for thanksgiving! this year, we will be with my moms side of the family. i have green bean casserole, pear salad (our families favorite jello!) and a pumpkin pie on my list.


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Andrea said...

Doesn't everyone use socks as pretend marshmallows?? Haha..jk. We never did that as children, in case you were wondering.