14 November 2013


i realize that my lack of blogging may be making you wonder how we are doing.
but really, we are doing good!
we have finally gotten back into a nice routine of days.
with basketball season now in full swing, that adds business, but also a lot of fun. we love going to games! we (me & B) haven't traveled yet with the team, so that has given us some down time here at home. luckily my sisters have come over & we have had fun roaming target, taking our time at panara, starbucks (even if that is splitting one because its late), & sometimes timing all this around what time the newest hallmark christmas movie is premiering!
i'll admit, i think i have watched more hallmark christmas/thanksgiving movies so far this month that i have in my life. while mornings are for, well every chore i expect to get done in the day (which includes a lot of toy pick up from the night before. when i go to bed usually shawn & bentley stay up just a bit longer. currently there is a bow, scooter,  tiger in the kitchen. a basketball hoop, cowboy hat, & swords in the living room. all i know is i fall asleep to them laughing & running around. surely they eventually go to bed) i do set my daily schedule around the 1 o'clock movie. hello! that is obviously laundry folding time.

ok....i feel like this is all a bit scatterbrained. but that would make sense because i am continually a bit scatterbrained. i think all my energy goes to having energy & growing a baby (almost finished 18 weeks!) no time for thinking, or not repeating myself 12 times.

how about we just skip to a few fall pictures from the last few weeks.
just like when he was a baby. except now he is 3 & close to 40 lbs. her arms were sore for days.

we were about ready to leave for church & he (who had a blue polo on) was searching for socks also came across a tie. "mom can i wear this tie so i look more awesome?"

we went on a date & he went over to play with Jed.

Jed has been coming over to our house too!
he was taking a "pretend nap" in the crib.

friday night with caroline.

sunday afternoon leaf pile with dad.

he has been finding where the sweets are. on sunday, B stayed home from chuch with a cough & shawn had gotten home after 6 am from the basketball road trip. so he slept while B watched cartoons. when i walked in the door B yells "MOM i snuck the twizzlers. i snuck them from dad" apparently he had gotten his stool & found them in the cupboard he ate "four or five or six".

we have had a stretch of hard games. B doesn't care about the score, he just wants to run out on the court to his dad as soon as the last buzzer sounds.

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