02 November 2013

halloween 2013.

i didn't grow up trick or treating, so i don''t really know how it works.
but bentley does.
oh it is just so cute to see him march up to the door "trick or treat!" pick out his candy, then we nudge him, & if he is to excited instead of saying thank you, he gets confused & just says trick or treat again.
we only go to a few houses in the blocks around our house, its a pretty perfect little route.
shawn dubs halloween as the begining of the "holiday" season, and he must be on to something.
did you know yesterday Hallmark channel started their countdown to chirstmas? (53 days in case you were wondering.) and yes, the countdown includes christmas movies. and yes, last night while shawn was on the road with the basketball team, caroline & i watched...two. and this morning, in my email i have a good-today-only free starbucks holiday drink!
yes, shawn is on to something.

wednesday night at the fall festival at CBC. we all had to work concessions, so addys grandma & grandpa adopted B!

my costume this year (borrowed from andrea)

he wore the earring all night. it was originally going to be for shawn!

shawn was home from work for 15 minutes & he pulls this together! complete with peg leg.

our second trick or treater didn't know what to think about all the pirate gear

how we ended the night...

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