27 October 2013

Ponca 2013

we got back from our annual family trip to Ponca State Park a week ago.
yesterday, B kept saying "mom i'm going to pretend Ponca".
you can only imagine how fun it is for a 3 year old (the rest of us really enjoy it too) but for a kid, the dirt slide, (2nd) cousins/uncle joe to play with, hikes, snacks, & everyone doting on him. it is just non-stop fun! if you ask him what his favorite part was, he says "every part. except the coconut oil" (chapped lips/skin = bed time slathering of coconut oil.)

ready to hit the road...in (accidentally) matching outfits!

shawn had basketball stuff at grace thursday night/friday so we went up early thursday afternoon!

all ready to go adventure!

and we were greeted with hot chocolate from grandfather

the weather was perfectly "fall" nice & cool to make the cabins feel warm, but not cold enough to keep you indoors the whole time.

old ponca shirt from cousin heidi! and he wore her watch almost constantly.

first taste of hot cocoa

friday morning. B woke up & about 20 minutes later threw up everywhere! i say to much junk food. rested for a while & ate some apple slices & then was back to himself!

when we got back to grandmothers cabin there was a pile of clean clothes that had instantly been taken to the laundry mat.

exploring the town with sisters & dad!

and searching the store for lemon pepper!

bonus used book sale!

talking to grandfather

so worn out! he was watching a cartoon & having a snack before bed...

what we do all night...

breakfast tree!

THIS is the dirt slide.

we went on the haunted hay rack ride! glad to report it was fun & not to scary

frisbee with grandpa tim

our family group this year. can't wait to see who is all with us next year!


Kathy said...

Loved the report from Ponca. Oh so fun! So what was B's opinion of hot choc? Good? Hope so. Some day we want to drive thru on the cycle while you're there. We have never been there.

summer said...

This look so. so. so. FUN!! Jealous of all of your awesome traditions!

Andrea said...

Love the new banner!