26 October 2013

now it's all going to make sense...

if you are related to me or friends with me on facebook....you already know.
but just in case there is someone out there who didn't hear...

now you know! phew, it's relieving to get a big secret out there.
but then also feels a bit scary & vulnerable all at the same time.
so feel free to pray for us! safe & healthy baby, peace & joy for mama!

due date is April 13, a week after my birthday, a week before Easter!
i've been feeling, how do i say this, not so good. and tired. but i can feel that we are headed upwards!
so here is to week 16 bringing more energy, getting more laundry things done, & summing up the month of October! we have been doing some fun things.


Kathy said...

Yah! we loved the added little punkin.
Cute pics.

summer said...

You look amazing, Anna! I love your hair so much! And of course, this is RIDICULOUSLY exciting!! :)